Canvas is not optimized to deliver video content and has a data size cap, so video files must be uploaded to other resources. The options below are recommended for uploading or recording video files for use in a Canvas course.

Echo360 is a lecture capture technology and video delivery platform that provides the ability to record audio, computer screen content, and a video of the instructor (optional) and make it available to students online. Live Stream allows students to watch remotely and is enabled for all scheduled classroom recordings.
Add Echo360 to Canvas course menu, module or page.

The Microsoft Teams webpage shows how to record, upload, and share videos in OneDrive for use in a Canvas course.

When using OneDrive, students will need to login to view the videos.

If you are using YouTube to share videos, make sure to set video privacy settings prior to sharing the video in Canvas.

Share a YouTube video in Canvas from the rich content editor.

Kaltura is licensed for use in College of Business and CSU Online courses only.

COB Support
CSU Online Support

You can create a conference in a course to hold virtual office hours and host speakers.

Canvas Conferences Guides