iClicker Cloud is provided for free to all Colorado State University students and faculty with funds from the University Technology Fee.

iClicker Cloud is a polling software, similar to iClicker Classic, but it allows for polling to take place in a face to face classroom, a hybrid synchronous course, or a fully online synchronous course. It is web based which allows all polling data to be stored in the cloud and accessible from any web browser. Students are able to participate in polling using mobile devices, laptops, and traditional iClicker remotes. iClicker Cloud has the ability to utilize GPS technology to confirm students’ locations when they “check-in” to class. This requires students to be in a specific location to answer polling questions.

Along with the traditional multiple-choice questions offered in iClicker Classic, iClicker Cloud allows Instructors to engage students in new ways including tracking attendance using GPS, ask target (heat map) questions, administer quizzes, and analyze student performance using a web browser.

CSU recommends and supports iClicker Cloud as the student response system standard on campus.

iClicker Cloud Instructor Website Overview