A polling session is a question, or set of questions, given to students during a single class session.

Run a Polling Session

If students in the class are using iClicker remotes instead of a mobile device, tablet or computer, make sure the iClicker base in the classroom is connected to the computer with the iClicker software and that the software is set to the frequency of the classroom.

Run a polling session in iClicker Cloud

View and Grade Polling Results

All course activities can be accessed in the Session History section of the iClicker Cloud website. Log in to the iClicker Cloud Instructor website to view the polling results.

Grade and view iClicker Cloud polling results

Sync Scores to Canvas

After polling students in class and making any scoring adjustments, it is recommended to sync iClicker Cloud scores to Canvas.

Note: Students who have not created an iClicker account will not receive points when scores are synced to Canvas.

iClicker Cloud Mobile instructor app

The iClicker Cloud Mobile instructor app can be used conduct polls and control a presentation from a smartphone or tablet.

Run a Polling Session