Access to an academic or noncredit Canvas course requires an active enrollment in the course. For student access to a Canvas course, the course must be published and the current date must be between the course start and end dates.

To safeguard data integrity, ensure Canvas and ARIES enrollments are synchronized, and to protect/respect faculty creative works rights, CSU utilizes the following enrollment procedures:

  • Student and Teacher enrollments are systemically added daily to Canvas from ARIESweb
  • Teachers can manually enroll Asst. Teachers, TA’s, Designers, and Observers.  Please do not add someone as a Teacher.
  • If a Teacher cannot perform the manual enrollment themselves, a Canvas Coordinator or administrator, with  the permission of the Teacher or Department Chair, can add an enrollment.

Student enrollment add/drops and Teacher assignments are updated from ARIESweb to Canvas based on the following schedule.

Monday – Saturday ~6:10 a.m., 12:10 p.m., 4:10 p.m.
Sunday ~1:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m.

Users must have an active CSU eID account to be enrolled in an academic Canvas course.

When a user’s eID expires, the user account and their enrollments are removed from Canvas.

Note: When faculty and staff leave CSU, the employment end date in the HR system closes their access to ARIESweb and Canvas. Please allow time for faculty to complete grading and submit final grades before their end date.


Role Canvas Enrollment Removed
Student 365 days after student’s last class
Faculty, Staff, Associate The day after employee’s separation from CSU or the Appointment End Date.
For faculty, please set their end date so it allows time for submitting final grades.

Students wishing to take a CSU course for academic credit must register in RAMweb. Students enrollments are automatically added to Canvas within 12 hours.

Instructors, please DO NOT add Students to a Canvas course unless:

All teaching assignments entered into CSU’s Student Information System, ARIESweb, are systematically enrolled in Canvas as a Teacher. Instructors can expect to see their courses in Canvas within 24 hours of a teaching assignment being entered into ARIESweb, by their Department Scheduler(via SCAIT).

To help students to distinguish between Teachers and assistants, manually enroll your support users as an Assistant Teacher, Designer, or a TA.

In Canvas, these roles have the following permissions:

RoleContentEdit New QuizzesCopy content to other coursesGradesInteract with studentsEnroll users
Assistant TeacherEditXXManageX
Designer - NewQuizzesEditXXEmail students
DesignerEditXEmail students
Teaching Assistant (TA)ViewManage*Email students
*Enter comments on assignments
*Cannot create Announcements
Program SupportEditView
StudentViewView their ownX
ObserverViewView their associated student's if linked

Note:To ensure Canvas and ARIES enrollments are synchronized, please do not add users as a Teacher in Canvas.

For Current or Future Courses

In the course navigation click on People. On the People page, click the +People button, select eID (eName) on the top of the window, enter the users eName, choose their role, and then click Next.

Verify the user and role, then click Add User.

The user will receive an invitation email to accept the role in the course.

For Previous Courses

These steps are to add non-students, excluding Teachers, into a previous semester’s course. To add students into a previous semester’s course, see the Student Incompletes section.

To add non-students to a previous semester course, the course end date must be updated, then set back to the original date to stay consistent with student access to previous semester courses.

  • In the course navigation, click the Settings link
  • Under Participation, edit the End date to be a future date
    • Take note of the original date as the date will need to be changed back after adding users
      taking note of original date
  • Click on the Update Course Details button in the lower right corner of the page.
  • In the course navigation, click the People link
    adding people
  • Click the + People button
  • Select eID (eName) option, then enter in the users eName
    selecting eID
  • Select the appropriate role (not as a Teacher or Student), choose the appropriate section, then click the Next button
    choosing a role
  • Confirm the users being added to the course then click the Add Users button
    confirm users
  • In the course navigation, click the Settings link
  • Under Participation, edit the End date to the original date
    back to original date
  • Click on the Update Course Details button in the lower right corner of the page


When a TA is added to a course, an Instructor is able to change the section privileges of the TA to be able to grade only their assigned section.

Students who are finishing a grade incomplete must be manually enrolled by following the steps on the Extended Course Access webpage.

Use these steps to help determine the last date of academic participation for a financial aid recipient using Canvas activity.

Option 1. Student is listed in Prior Enrollments

  1. In your Canvas course, click People, then click the More Options icon (3 vertical dots) on the top right to select “View Prior Enrollments”Prior Enrollments
  2. Click the student’s name, and use the links under More About This User to view activity

Option 2. Student is not listed in Prior Enrollments.

  1. Login with your eID at Re-enroll My Student.
  2. Complete the three fields, and click Re-enroll Student.
  3. Click the new link to see the student in your Canvas course, and use the links under More About This User to view activity.

To enter the last participation date, follow the instructions at Office of Financial Aid for Enrollment Verification.

Instructors can provide temporary visitor access to a Canvas course for users without a CSU NetID.

  • For visitor access less than 30 days, such as a guest lecturer, use a Visitor Account. Contact your college/area Canvas Coordinator for details.
  • For visitor access 30 days or longer, your department must sponsor the user for a CSU Associate NetID account:
    1. Work with your department HR staff to sponsor the associate. See Unit 12 of CSU’s HR Guide.
    2. The associate activates the NetID account.
    3. Add the associate’s eID into the Canvas course: People > +People >Enter the eName and role > submit.

Student-Athlete Support Services uses Canvas Observer Role for Academic Success

Per CSU’s Senior Citizen Visitation Privilege, citizens age 55 and older may visit Colorado State University resident instruction classes on a space-available basis at no cost.

Adding Senior Citizens to Canvas

If the instructor uses Canvas, the senior citizen can have access to the course in Canvas by following these steps:

  1. The senior citizen gets permission from the instructor and completes the Senior Citizen Class Visitation Request Form on the Registrar’s Lifelong Learners website.
  2. The instructor/department sponsors the senior citizen as an associate to get an eID. The department HR staff then creates an Associate account for the citizen. Associate HR Info
  3. The citizen goes to to activate their eID.
  4. The instructor manually adds the citizen’s eName as a student in the Canvas course:
    1. In your Canvas course > People > + People > enter the eName, select Student role and section > Next > Add Users > Done.
    2. This will send an email to the senior citizen, inviting them to the class, with a link to Canvas.