The course grading scheme is used to convert the numeric % value of the Total score into a letter grade. There is a default grading scheme that is set in all Canvas courses, but instructors are able to change the grading scheme.

Cross-listing allows Instructors to add section enrollments from individual sections into a single Canvas course, which allows Instructors to manage all course materials in one location. It is recommended to cross-list sections before content is added to a course.

Instructors and Students are added systematically from ARIESweb. All teaching assignments in ARIESweb are added into a Canvas course in the Teacher role.

Teachers are able to manually enroll Assistant Teachers, TA’s, Designers, etc.

A Canvas course must be published and the start date, which is set to the Friday before the semester begins by default, must have passed for students to access the course and its contents.

To allow students to access a Canvas course before the default start date, adjust the start date and publish the course.

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