Approved external digital tools (third party software) can be added to Canvas to add new features or functionality, such as publisher materials and specialized tools. CSU has a number of external tool integrations with Canvas. These integrations usually use an LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) to connect these tools to Canvas.

Add an External Tool to a Canvas Course

Most approved external tools are added to a course module or an assignment in Canvas.

A few select external tools (Echo360, Pearson, Macmillan) can be added to the left course navigation.

Tool NamePurpose Who 
Pays Cost 
Who Can Use  User Support: 
ALEKS (Chem)Chemistry homework toolStudent e-text purchaseNatural SciencesAleks Support
ARES eReserveIntegrate eReservesLibraryAll CampusCSU e-Reserve Support
Attendance RollcallTake classroom attendanceIncluded with CanvasAll CampusRoll Call Guides
BadgrAssign badges for complete tasksCSU OnlineCSU OnlineBadgr Support
Big Blue ButtonPart of the Conferences toolIncluded with CanvasAll Campus
BongoLearnVideo feedbackLicensed for CLA Languages onlyCLA Languages coursesBongoLearn Support
CengageHomework platformStudent e-text purchaseAll CampusCengage Support
CVMBS Anatomy LTIsSpecies specific interactive anatomy toolFreeCVMBSSee College
Design Tools CidilabsPage design, images, multi toolCSU OnlineAll CampusCidiLabs Design Tools Support
Echo 360Lecture captureCentral ITAll CampusCSU Echo360 help
FlatWorld Homework COBFlatworld HomeworkOnline homework platform requested by COBStudent purchase
GoReactVideo feedbackStudent pays fee /course to useAll CampusGoReact Support
Great River Publishinge-textsStudent e-text purchaseAll CampusGreat River Support
HonorLockProctoringCSU OnlineCSU OnlineCSU HonorLock Support
HonorLock Support
iClickerClassroom response systemUTFAB paid for studentsAll CampusiClicker Support
Kaltura COBVideo Content PlatformCOB, CSU OnlineCOB, CSU OnlineKaltura Knowledge Base
LibApps GuidesAdd CSU designed library guidesLibraryAll CampusCSU Research Support
Macmillan Learn LaunchPadInteractive e-text platformStudent e-text purchaseAll CampusMacmillan Learn Support
mashmeDistance student in classroom experienceCOBCOBMashMe Support
McGraw Hill ConnectOnline content and assignmentsStudent e-text purchaseAll CampusMcGraw Hill Support
Norton SmartWork (CHEM)Online homework system, used mostly by CHEMStudent e-text purchaseAll CampusSmartWork Support
Microsoft Office 365Collaboration toolCentral ITAll CampusCanvas Collaboration Guide
Pearson MyLab & RevealOnline content and assignmentsStudent e-text purchaseAll CampusPearson Support
PiazzaDynamic discussion toolStarting spring 2021 students pay to useAll CampusPiazza Support
PlayPosit COBInteractive contentCOBCOBPlayPosit Community
RespondusExam integrityCentral ITCampus RI coursesRespondus Support
Rubin Educatione-text Business communication skillsStudent e-text purchaseAll CampusRubin Canvas Support
Sage Vantage COBe-text requested by COBStudent e-text purchaseAll CampusSage Vantage Support
SIMNet McGraw HillMicrosoft Office tutorial/trainingStudent e-text purchaseCOB and upon requestSIMnet Overview
SmartEvalsCampus course survey softwareTesting CenterAll CampusCourse Survey Support
SmartSparrow CVMBSAdaptive learning toolStudent e-text purchaseCVMBSSmartSparrow Resources
True+Way ASLASL Course curriculumCLAASL CoursesTRUE+WAY
TurnitInAnti-plagiarism, learn how to cite properlyCentral ITAll CampusCSU TurnItIn Information
U-BehaviorQuiz analyticsFreeBy request
UDoItAccessibility checkerCSU OnlineAll CampusCanvas Accessibility at CSU
Verba VitalSource BookstoreeResource managementAllow students to opt out of e-texts purchaseAll CampusInclusive Access Support
Vista Higher Learninge-text platformStudent e-text purchaseCLA - LLCVista Higher Learning Support
WebAssign (Math Physics)e-text and homework platformStudent e-text purchaseCNSWebAssign Support
WileyPluse-text platformStudent e-text purchaseAll CampusWileyPlus Support
Yellowdig COBInteractive discussion toolCOBCOBYellowDig Support
zyBooksHomework platform for Computer Science coursesStudent e-text purchaseAll CampuszyBooks Support
Tool NamePurposeWhich College Requested
NameCoachProvide pronunciation recording, perferred pronouns, and honorifics for each userCSU
ExamSoftExam creation, delivery, and analyticsCVMBS
Gradescope TiiGrading tool that allows for handwritten submission digitalization and automatic gradingCSU
CHEM 101Chemistry homework and assessment toolNatural Sciences
ClioVisVisualization tool for mind-mapping, timelines, and presentationsLiberal Arts
LyryxAssessment tool for Math, Economics and BusinessNatural Sciences
MATLAB GraderAutomated MATLAB code gradingEngineering
OneNoteCollaboration toolNatural Sciences
PadletDigital bulletin boardCVMBS
RamMobileIntegration with CSU mobile appDiv of IT
ReadSpeakerText-to-speech toolATRC
Willo LabsDelivery method for LTIsNatural Sciences
TopHat eBookInteractive textbook and course materialsLiberal Arts
Tool NamePurposeWhich College RequestedReason for not approving
Bb AllyAccessibility checkerATRCHave UDoIt - cost
EAB NavigateStudent success managementCSANo LTI
Evolvee-Text for ElsevierCVMBSCSU uses Unizin Engage for eText reader
Film Platform COBFilm streamingBusinessProxy Server Required - otherwise only on campus viewing
Google AssignmentsAssignment integrationDiv of ITCSU has moved to MS Office 365
Hypothesis.isAnnotation toolCSU OnlineCost
MacMillan RedShelf eTexte-TextLiberal ArtsCSU uses Unizin Engage for eText reader
MS TeamsIntegrate meetings into Canvas calendarDiv of ITComplexity of integration
My Educatore-TextBusinessRequest withdrawn
OfficeMixPPT add-on for interactivityTILTData privacy concerns
Oxford U Presse-TextLiberal ArtsCSU uses Unizin Engage for eText reader
Perusall COBAnnotation toolBusinessCSU uses Unizin Engage for eText reader
RedirectExternal resources as navigation itemsLiberal ArtsCSU prefers to have external tools linked under modules
TopHate-Text & in-class responseDiv of ITiClicker selected as campus classroom response tool
Turning TechnologiesStudent achievement dataDiv of ITiClicker selected as campus classroom response tool
Zoom Web ConferenceVirtual MeetingsDiv of ITLack of campus standard for webconferencing

If you are interested in having an external tool evaluated for inclusion in Canvas, please review and follow the steps for CSU’s external tool process with your College Canvas Coordinator.