Policies Pertaining to Remote Instruction (CSU Residential Instruction Courses)

Many students and faculty are encountering remote (online) learning and teaching for a first time this spring. We have therefore implemented the following Spring 2020 policies extending deadlines as described below.

We are working to outline a policy that will provide an option for students to request that faculty use a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade rather than traditional letter grade for the course as a means to provide students with options. Details will be coming soon.

The following policies will be put in place on the Colorado State University Fort Collins campus for spring 2020 only. These policies pertain to both undergraduate and graduate courses. They do not pertain to courses offered through CSU Online, which has its own schedule and policies.

Course Withdrawal

The university has moved the course withdrawal deadline from March 23 to May 8, the last day of classes for Spring 2020 only. This will impact all courses except late start and special section courses. Students can confirm in RAMweb if their course withdrawal date has been adjusted. Updated deadlines are posted on the Important Dates at registrar.colostate.edu.

The course drop deadline with a partial tuition assessment was passed in February. Therefore, a course withdrawal is the remaining mechanism by which students can remove a course with an indication of W on the transcript. It does not include an option for tuition refund.

CSU online offers courses of different lengths and with varied start dates. It will retain varied class lengths and parts of term offerings as currently scheduled and will maintain its already established withdrawal deadlines.


Deadline has also moved from March 23 to May 8 for Spring 2020 only.

Change of Major

Change of major forms can be received electronically, emailed to RegistrarsOffice@colostate.edu.  If student’s signature is not present, an email must come from the student’s CSU email account.  If the Change of major form is coming from an advisor, it must include an attached email from the student (CSU email account) requesting the change.  The Office of the Registrar will accept the student’s CSU email account in lieu of signatures through the end of the spring semester 2020.

Late Start and Special Start Course Sections

CSU has 21 course sections with a March 23rd add/drop deadline. That has been changed to March 27 for these courses only.

Summer Registration

At this time, we plan to open Summer registration as originally scheduled on Tuesday, March 24, 2020, at noon.