The language below is shared to assist you when creating or modifying your syllabus as we all adjust to online teaching. We encourage faculty to adjust and personalize the statements to match your particular course and teaching approaches, recognizing that an absolute prohibition on recording lectures is not possible.

As we engage in online/remote learning as an academic community, we retain our commitment to CSU’s Principles of Community.  We are committed to respect the time, energy, and effort of our faculty and other students and to the demonstration of academic integrity and privacy rights by all participants.  Sharing course content outside of the course may have a chilling effect on future participation by other students as well as lessen the quality of interaction between the instructor and their students. To this end, the instructor does not consent to students recording, reproducing, screenshotting, photographing, or distributing any video, audio, or visual content from their online courses without prior written approval from the instructor.

Some students may require a reasonable accommodation under the Americans With Disabilities Act and Amendments Act that would allow them to record, reproduce, screenshot, photograph some course content, including video, audio, or other content. In order to accomplish this, a student should contact CSU’s Student Disability Center (SDC) at (970) 491-6385.  More information about SDC can be found at:

Recordings of class materials and content for this purpose are to be used solely for individual or group study with other students enrolled in the class this semester or with GTAs and Learning Assistants who are assisting in a course. They may not be reproduced or shared in any way (including electronically or posting in any web environment) with those not in the class in this semester.

Additional resources for online learning can be found at the Keep Learning site.