New Quizzes Timeline Extended to 2023

Canvas has extended the timeline to move from classic quizzes to new quizzes to 2023. This provides time for Canvas to add needed features and functionality to New Quizzes, including the ability to migrate question banks, use tools such as HonorLock, and provide an improved Rich Content Editor which matches the rest of Canvas (including the LaTeX math editor).

We encourage instructors to explore New Quizzes to see the new interface and features. We will keep the campus up to date as these items become available.

New Quizzes Timeline - Updated

Spring 2022

Consider using new quizzes in your course
Migration tool for question banks expected
HonorLock support expected
Rich Content Editor expected to match the rest of Canvas, includint the LaTeX math editor


Begin using New Quizzes
We will keep campus up to date as new features become available

Summer 2023

Everyone should be using/transitioning to New Quizzes

Spring 2024

New Quizzes will be the only tool for quizzes in Canvas
Classis quiz access will be removed

New Quizzes - Available Now

New quizzes is available in all CSU Canvas courses and it is recommended that users start using new quizzes now to get used to the changes prior to a complete switch from classic quizzes.

New features include: a waiting period between multiple attempts, the ability to shuffle questions on a quiz, more fill in the blank word recognition options, and the ability to provide a time accommodation for a student for all quiz attempts in a course.

New question types include; categorization, stimulus, hot spot, and ordering.

View the feature comparison between new and classic quizzes.

New Quizzes Resources

New Quizzes Video Overview

Proctoring for New Quizzes

Respondus LockDown Browser + Monitor works with new quizzes.

HonorLock has a workaround to register the New Quiz as a third party exam, which will allow HonorLock to work with New Quizzes.

Classic Quizzes

Note: Classic Quizzes is being replaced by new quizzes. See timeline above.

There are 11 question types that can be used in a classic quiz, 9 of which can be auto-graded by Canvas.

Since students have the ability to search online while taking a quiz, Canvas quizzes are usually equated with an open book quiz. Here are some ways to maximize quiz setting security.